Day 4 Hope

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VPC’s Monthly Mission Partner (MMP) Month


What does the mission do/who does it serve?

Day4Hope is a community outreach project in Sarasota and Manatee Counties aimed at uniting the resources of churches, civic groups, fire, police and many other community partners, to serve the children in our school system who are homeless or in economic need so they can begin the first day of school on an even playing field with other children.

It is our hope that this outreach is an opportunity for participant volunteers to share God’s love, for parents and children to leave with an improved sense of self-worth and self-image that will help them feel good about the first day of school. It will hopefully create a positive attitude toward school, attendance and grades. It is our hope that you will help by:

  • Praying for the day’s success

  • Offering to serve in one of the professional areas

  • Contributing supplies

On Day4Hope, the children will receive:

  • Medical Exam

  • Eye exam

  • Dental check-up, cleaning instruction; fluoride treatment

  • Haircut

  • School and family portraits

  • Gift cards for clothes and shoes totaling $75

  • New backpack with school supplies

  • Bag of personal care items

  • Books and a Bible

  • Groceries

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks

What geographic area?

Sarasota and Manatee counties

How do you do it?

One day prior to the start of school, homeless children (as recommended by the school district) register to attend Day4 Hope and receive all the necessary checkup and supplies to start school in the fall.

How can one help/serve this mission? How and what can people donate? How can people volunteer?

Professionals are needed to volunteer to participate in Day4Hope. Doctors, Dentists, RNS, Photographers, Medical Assistants, Hair Stylists, Eye As­sociates, Hygienists, Barbers donate their time, materials and skills to prepare under privileged children for the beginning of school.

Volunteers also needed to guide families, man stations, alert the city services and general administrative services.

Annual, Bi-Annual or regular events, trips or fundraisers for this mission

  • Annual Day 4 Hope

Venice Presbyterian Church Contact/Liaison

Name: Fred Gossman       Email: