Make a Difference

Your Contribution Matters

We have all been blessed with gifts, talents and resources. Some of these blessings are more visible than others but we all have something special we can share and have appreciated by the world. The recipients of these blessings are obviously rewarded either with your time, compassion, good deeds and/or financial contributions but often overlooked is the benefit to the giver. As the giver, you have the opportunity to make a difference in people's lives. You are able to become a part of something greater than yourself. VPC appreciates what each individual has to offer and encourages you to give. Your time, gifts and resources are no less valuable than money. They equally impact people's lives.

If you have the gift of time, we encourage you to volunteer. If you have financial or other resources, we encourage you to contribute. Your gifts matter and improve the lives of so many. Whether you give emotional comfort, basic necessities, material possessions or simply add to one's enjoyment and quality of life, we thank you. It all matters–your contribution matters.

Click on video below to learn how to donate using your Realm app on your phone.