Pastor Chris Begins his sabbatical

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Letter from Pastor Chris Romig

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement as I enjoy a sabbatical.  Following the model of many churches and Presbyteries, the VPC Session established a sabbatical policy in 2008 so that the church’s Senior Pastor could – once every seven years – devote time for spiritual renewal, personal reflection, and family life.  My first sabbatical was in 2010 – my seventh year of ministry at VPC – and it brought greater personal transformation and spiritual growth than I could have ever imagined!  I again look forward to renewal that God will bring to my life, to my family, and to our church through this gift of sabbath.  In addition to traveling with my family, I will be spending these months praying, reading, reflecting, exercising, resting, and discerning how to manage the work of ministry in sustainable, healthy ways.  I will also be inviting God to direct any projects that would be life-giving for me during this time—whether it’s preparing future sermons or Bible studies, or simply sorting through files that have accumulated over nearly 15 years of ministry at VPC!

The church is in excellent hands.  Of course, it’s God’s hands that hold us all every day.  The Session and Staff will be meeting regularly for prayer.  Our Executive Director, Chris O’Brien, already manages our staff and leads most of the church’s day-to-day operations.  Carolyn Wilson and Burke Johnson will be joined by Nick Clemmer and Stephen Ministers in providing pastoral care.  Jamal Sarikoki and members of the Worship Committee have planned for an exciting Festival of Worship through the summer.  It will be a great season of ministry.

I look forward to returning to full-time ministry with you on Sunday, September 30.   We will remain deeply connected through this sabbatical time through the power of prayer.  I ask you to pray passionately for our church, for my family, and for me during this time of sabbatical.  May this be a time when we all remember that the church belongs to Jesus Christ, who gives us the strength, wisdom, and energy to accomplish ministry and mission in His name.

 In Christ’s love,

Pastor Chris