A Study of Joshua

We’ve been studying the book of Joshua this fall and will finish our preaching series at the end of November. If you’ve missed any of the messages, the recorded sermons can be found on the Venice Presbyterian YouTube channel. On Sunday, November 18, we’ll be offering an opportunity after each worship service for questions and dialogue related to the entire book of Joshua. After the postlude, I’ll remain in the sanctuary and invite questions. If you’re arriving early for the 11am service, feel free to enter the sanctuary during this conversation! 

If you’d like to continue exploring the book of Joshua, you’re encouraged to check out some resources in our VPC library. There are also some interesting videos on Right Now Media (which members of our church community are welcome to access on-line), including:

  • How to Read Joshua (19-minute illustrated overview of the entire book of Joshua)

  • The Fall of Jericho (an archaeological/historical investigation of the famous story in Joshua 6)

  • Joshua: Be Strong and Courageous (four short videos connecting truths from Joshua with famous historical landmarks in our nation’s capital)

  • If God Is Good, How Could He Command Holy War? (a deep and thought-provoking lecture by Derek Thomas, professor at Reformed Theological Seminary)

  • A book that I’d especially recommend for personal or small group study is Max Lucado’s Glory Days: Living Your Promised Land Now. 

May God’s truth in the book of Joshua continue blessing your life!

Chris (Romig)