Cognitive Impairment Lecture Series


Dr. Robert G. Robinson, Professor of Geriatric Psychiatry and Neuroscience at Johns Hopkins Hospital and Univ. Iowa Hospital, author/editor of 10 books and 360 research publications, will be giving a series of five, one-hour lectures during Jan. and Feb. on “Late Life CognitiveImpairment”. Lectures will be at VPC beginning Jan. 29 at 2 PM. The first lecture is “Trouble Remembering? Is It Normal or Disorder?  The subsequent lectures will be on February 5, 12, 19, and 26. There is no charge and the public is invited.  Dr. Robinson winters in Venice and attends VPC. This series is sponsored by Stephen Ministry at VPC.

Week One

  • Normal course of brain development and effects of normal aging

  • How is mild cognitive impairment (MCI) differentiated from normal changes with age

  • What to do if you think you have MCI

  • What causes MCI

  • What are the current treatments for MCI

Week Two

  • What are the early signs age of onset and symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease (AD) 

  • How is AD identified and diagnosed

  • What are the known causes of AD

  • What are the best available treatments and care

Week Three

  • There are numerous types of dementia in the elderly

  • What are the ages of onset for these dementias

  • What are the symptoms of these dementias and how are they diagnosed

  • What are the causes of these dementias

  • What are the most effective treatments for these dementias

Week Four

  • What is the data about the care of patients with different forms of dementia

  • What are the most difficult problems that caregivers face for each dementia

  • What are the consequences of being a caregiver

  • How can caregivers be helped 

Week Five

  • What is the life expectancy for each type of dementia

  • What is the usual course of grief after the loss of someone with dementia

  • How can caregivers best cope with their grief

  • What is pathological grief and how to recognize it

  • Suggestions for dealing with loss and treating abnormal grief

Presented by Stephen Ministers