February Monthly Mission Partner (MMP) CLINICA MEDICA SALVATORE/ORPHANS Guatemala

The Medical Clinic, located in the small village of El Cortijo, Guatemala, is directed by Dr. Erick Estrada. This is a country with significant health problems due to poverty and lack of government aid. 

Spearheaded by VPC Elder Frank Ebetino, this facility has grown over the past 10 years to include the 2 story medical clinic, a 2 story chapel (2013) and most recently a pediatric wing built in the memory of Madelyn Ebetino Shumaker (2017). Funds for the latter 2 buildings were raised by the extended Ebetino family. However, equipment, supplies and operational expenses are totally dependent on contributions, of which VPC is a major source. Currently, a surgery unit is being built on site (see photo above).

This Christian, holistic health facility, staffed by local practitioners, operates under the umbrella, “Salud Que Transforma” - “Health That Transforms”. Medical service includes:


General medical needs, dental care, optometry, physiotherapy and counseling, available 24/7 at the clinic. Fees are very reasonable.


Dr. Estrada and staff conduct ‘Jornadas’ or mobile clinics, delivering health care twice weekly to 8 different surrounding villages. Once a month a team travels to LaPerla - a 12 hour drive - to hold a clinic in the mountainous north where there are no medical services.


Approximately 130 malnourished children are given a hot meal twice a week at the clinic, prepared by staff members and village ladies. The children are fed, helped with their school studies and taught about Jesus.


This 1 year diploma program equips graduates to return to their villages with medical skills. Some 25 - 30 students graduate every year. Dr. Estrada and staff do the teaching.


The Estradas have adopted a family of 5 Mayan orphans who they are raising and educating. The family is usually joined by another 2 to 4 children annually whose parents ask the Estradas for their help. These children become part of the family, sharing in all the daily chores while studying. They witness God’s love on a daily basis!

To see all the activities that the Estradas are involved in, please watch the 20 minute video that was filmed there this past year at

www.saludquetransforma.com on your computer then click on ‘HOME’.

Dr. Estrada thanks you for your generous support and prayers.

Contact Information: 

Bruce Smithson, 941-882-3909

Frank Ebetino, 715-600-4275