Goodbye Cris!

Cris Anderson served Venice Presbyterian Church on staff the past 23 years in various positions. She and her husband Jim recently decided to retire and enjoy life. This is Cris’s second retirement from VPC! Her first one took place a little over two years ago. She came back part time and decided this time she wanted to retire altogether. December 31, 2018 was her last day in the office. We celebrate the next chapter in Cris and Jim’s lives as they move to Tennessee later in 2019! For now Cris continues to serve as an Elder on Session and both she and Jim volunteer at VPC. Below is a profile written by Cris about her journey through the years at VPC. We are very happy for Cris and Jim and wish them well. We pray for them and love them as they follow their dreams! Celebrate Cris Anderson and her 23 years of ministry at VPC with a reception in the Glass House after the 4:00pm Annual Meeting, March 24.

My journey with VPC has been the last quarter century. In 1993 I moved to Florida from Atlanta, Georgia. I had worked as an Office Manager at a small manufacturing plant until they closed. After moving to Florida, I visited our local college, Florida State College (then Manatee Community College) looking for art classes. I saw a flyer on the window in the administration building stating…“if you are a displaced manager, you could be eligible for a paid two year degree in Computer Science. I took the bait! While attending one of my classes, a guy who was a member and on staff at VPC approached me and said “you need a part-time job? You would be perfect working at Venice Presbyterian Church.” That’s how it all got started. After a couple years at VPC, I became the full-time communication/publication secretary. 

I enjoyed working in a Christian environment at VPC and working with Arabella Fry, a retired statistician with United Way. She was in her 80’s at the time I started. Working with Arabella on a DOS based computer and a monitor the size of a portable TV was challenging! But in a year or so we got our first Windows based computer. How far we have come in technology!

Through the years, I was inspired by Pastor Lyn Olson. She encouraged me to use my knowledge, initiative and self-direction in many of the women’s ministries. We worked well together. I can recall her telling me “you dot my I’s”. I enjoyed the administration of Women of Faith events and our annual women’s retreat.

I am only in my first month of retirement. When Monday mornings come, I enjoy sitting on our lanai with my cup of coffee while reading my devotions. No more Monday morning rush, traffic and meetings! Of course, there is always time to walk the dogs. Jim and I are active at VPC. We are involved with volunteering in different areas. I am still an Elder on Session.

Jim and I plan to move sometime this year after he finishes his monthly clinical trial with Moffett. I will miss the members of VPC the most. So many of them have become such faithful good friends. The one thing I won’t miss is the deadlines!