National Day of Prayer, Thursday, May 2, 2019

All Events will be held (or will begin) in the Chapel. Come whenever you are able to join us in praying to God. Between the designated prayer events, the chapel will be open for personal prayer and communion with God.


Morning Prayer

We begin by gathering in the Chapel to praise God, affirm our faith in the Risen Lord Jesus Christ, and invite and acknowledge the presence and power of the Holy Spirit.  We will pray for the specific prayer sessions throughout the day.


Prayer Walk the Church Campus

Those who are able may join in a prayer walk of the church grounds, anointing the campus doors, and praying for the ministries that take place in each location.

12 Noon

Prayers for the Nation

A service of prayer for our nation, joining with Christians across the USA who will be gathering to pray at 12 noon.


Session Elders Pray for VPC Church Family

All are invited to join the VPC Elders, who will be praying by name for each member and affiliate member of our church


Jazz Vespers

An evening prayer service featuring jazz music


Night Prayer & Communion 

Scripture, liturgy, prayer, music, and the Lord’s Supper

All who trust in Jesus Christ are invited to celebrate together at the table of the family of God.

12 Midnight 

Midnight Prayer & Praise

Psalm readings, accompanied by prayers and songs of worship.

Throughout the day and night, all are kindly asked to refrain from conversation in the chapel, in respect for those who are praying.