The Acts of the Apostles Sermon Series

Do you know what human author wrote the most words in the New Testament? Most people familiar with the Bible might immediately guess Paul, who penned about half of the New Testament writings. But in terms of total words, Luke is actually the most prolific New Testament writer. Luke’s two-part volume - The Gospel of Luke and The Acts of the Apostles - contributes 27% of the words in the New Testament. Luke (27%) wrote more of the New Testament than Paul (23%), John (20%), or Matthew (13%). 

As a follow-up to our church-wide study of The Gospel of Luke, we will spend the month of May looking at Luke’s sequel, The Acts of the Apostles. Acts picks up where Luke’s Gospel concludes, and tells the story of how the early Christian church grew from a band of Jewish disciples huddled in an upper room to a world-changing movement that transcended ethnic and national boundaries. Every page of the book of Acts features the dynamic power of the Holy Spirit, from the opening chapters about the amazing outpouring of the Spirit on the Day of Pentecost to the mighty Spirit-led ministries of the first apostles, including Peter, John, Stephen, Philip, and – most notably – Paul. 

The daily reading schedule will be very simple: We encourage everyone to read one chapter of Acts each day, beginning on May 1st (continuing through May 28). The day of the month will match the number of that day’s particular chapter (so, for example, the reading for May 4th will be Acts 4).

Study journals of The Acts of the Apostles are available for a suggested $5 donation.

Wednesday Bible studies with Pastor Chris begin May 1st, and the Sunday messages during May will be based on passages from that week’s readings. If you’re traveling or enjoying a May springtime up north, you can tune in to both the Wednesday night studies (6 pm) and Sunday worship services (10 am) via the Livestream on our church website ( 

So by the end of May, our church family will have studied 27% of the New Testament - the entire opus of Dr. Luke!