Day 4 Hope Update from Fred Gossman

Good afternoon Team,

A busy morning today at Hope 4 Communities May monthly meeting.  Attending with me were Tom & Laura Saye. 

Currently Sarasota county has 611 homeless and Manatee has 1362. 

Action items to be discussed at our June 10th monthly meeting.  Please all attend!

  • Registration:  Plan on 10% no shows.  We have planned for 125 kids and can not expand that number as the deadline has passed, 120 last year.

Do we invite 10% more kids than we have resources? 

What happens if we get more kids than resources?  

If we only invite 125 kids and some don’t show, then we can keep the resources and gift cards for next year.

  • Routing: Discuss our routing routes and Saturday timing for the kids.

Some other churches have gone to more staggered timing to balance flow to medical/dental areas with success.

Do we like our current three routes?

Strengths and weaknesses?

  • Translators:  Talked to coordinator for translators and asked for help in obtaining more translators.

Pam suggest at a minimum of three translators: 1 @ medical, 1 @ dental and 1 roaming.  In addition, we have suggested 1 @ registration and some as Ambassadors. 

  • Roving police officer:  Some churches have hired a roving police officer who is visible near registration.  Person is available to help with unruly guests, uninvited guests and if needed at medical.  Will our current two police officers in resources be willing to roam if we need?   

Do we need another police person?

  • Registration: All family members must have name tags, no exceptions.

  • Business partners:  Do the schools we support with Day 4 Hope recognize VPC and H4C as business partners?  If not, they should. 

Bobbie, please check on this.  

  • Measurable outcomes:  Do the schools or families see any measurable outcomes from our event? 

Ambassadors, please ask each family when they have completed their event for comments. 

Do schools see any difference?  

  • Resource room:  With all the activity and materials in the resource room is there room for the Ambassadors? 

Some churches have the Ambassador say goodbye just before resources.  Would this be helpful? 

  • Key dates:  Discuss key dates to prepare children’s folders, warehouse sorting and packing, resource room sorting of materials, etc.

Bring your list of key dates.

June 8th Hope 4 Communities meeting will be a Praise and Worship service and all leadership is encouraged to attend.  We have all been working hard to prepare for the kids and now it is time to receive God’s blessings as we worship him.  Please plan to attend.

Thank you all for your hard work in preparing for the kids.  May we bathe this whole event in prayer.  I will send you a prayer shared for your consideration in your daily prayer time.  How can we include the congregation in praying for this event?  

God’s Blessings to all,

Fred Gossman