Family Promise: Always Family


Merkes Family

Victoria and I entered the Family Promise family in December of 2018.  The day I met with Allisa, I would have never thought I would ever consider them family.

I suffered a nervous breakdown and lost everything.  I ended up in the Catholic Charities shelter, never experiencing [homelessness] before my experience was horrifying.  When I found Family Promise, I was reluctant to have an open mind, but I am glad I did.  This became a safe haven for Victoria and me to rebuild our hearts and souls and faith in humanity.  Along the way, we met amazing people who truly cared for us and wanted the best for us.  Some we will never forget, we always had a safe place to go.

As a mother, I felt like I failed, but with Family Promise’s help, I was able to give my daughter hope, strength, and a safe place to sleep with no worries.  During our stay, I was able to get on the right medication for my mental health, go back to work full time and save to start our life again.

In April of 2019, Victoria and I got the keys to our new home.  As happy as we were, some sadness was with us as we were leaving Family Promise, the place we grew to love.  Only being gone a couple of months, we have found out that we are still a part of this family.  And today, I’m proud to say I had this experience, I regained faith in so much and couldn’t be happier.  Allisa and Family Promise made our lives better.