The Triune God Sermon Series


Many of the songs and prayers we offer in church reference the Christian belief in a Triune God: three distinct persons in one God. We baptize in the name of the Trinity – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. In the church calendar, the Sunday after Pentecost is known as Trinity Sunday.

Over this month – which includes the Day of Pentecost and Trinity Sunday – we’ll be exploring the Triune nature of God. The messages will not be doctrinal lectures, but will be offered to help us get a greater understanding of God and a deeper love for God. The Triune nature of God is God’s self-revelation in the Bible, so gaining a deeper appreciation of the Trinity allows us to more fully know and savour God.

We will begin by getting to know each of the three persons of the Divine Nature, and then wrap-up the series by touching on the mystery of how these three persons are united in one God.

June 9 (Pentecost) God the Spirit

June 16 (Trinity Sunday and Father’s Day) God the Father

June 23 God the Son

June 30 The Mystery and Majesty of Three-in-One

July 7 (Communion Meditation) What the Triune God Means For Our Life Together