What is Day 4 Hope?

Day 4 Hope

This is a wonderful service that VPC hosts every year. We prepare almost 150 homeless children for the upcoming school year. Over 300 volunteers escort the children, along with their parents, to “stations” set up on campus. Here they receive medical, dental and eye exams free of charge. We provide onsite haircuts, photography, breakfast and lunch. Additionally, children enjoy doing crafts and reading in our library. Ministers are available for prayer time with the families, if desired. In conclusion, the children get a bag of groceries, over $150 in gift certificates and back-packs full of necessary school supplies all donated by local venders. This a very moving event for all involved, so much so that a child from last year said it was “the best day of his life”.

It is our goal that by promoting this event, more professionals and venders would be inspired to participate next year and we would be able to help more children and families. Last year we provided services for over 115 children and this year we hope to help almost 150.

If you are interested in volunteering, please sign up here. This is a great opportunity to showcase the cooperation of local churches, retailers, medical and service professionals to serve those less fortunate.

To read last year’s article in the Herald Tribune shown below, click here. Subscription required.

Article in the Herald Tribune, 2018

Article in the Herald Tribune, 2018

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