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MMP: Laurel Civic Association

Over the 40 years of making life better for Laurel, the Laurel Civic Association has grown to become an active and dedicated non-profit organization making a difference in a wide range of neighborhood issues throughout Sarasota County.

The cornerstone and foundation of the organization has always been to make life better for the disenfranchised. Even though we began with a small group of concerned neighbors in 1969 who's main purpose it was to bring street lighting to a little close knit and largely African-American community, time and the inherit caring for others has taught everyone that needs have no geographic boundary.

The Laurel Civic Association's community development activities have transformed a small neighborhood organization into a non-profit that has brought unimaginable changes to Laurel and succeeded in developing needed programs that serve the entire family and the entire Laurel/Nokomis area.

With the backing of more than 300 active volunteers, donations, and grants, the association has been able to provide programs designed to improve living conditions, decrease hunger, improve health and access to health information and provide educational support for children and adults. The successful programs have brought a series of neighborhood improvements that go far beyond the original goals and have been a magnet for clients from the southern most part of Sarasota County to the northern most part.

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