Youth Ministry



Every Sunday night, youth in grades 6-12 gather together for dinner, time in the Word, and team-building activities. This evening is primarily led by Genna Sarikoki, Director of Family Development.
Dinner is provided by volunteers, lined up by Karen Romig. We start the evening with dinner in Room 9 as everyone arrives. It’s always something yummy like tacos, pizza, salads, or bbq. Getting to know each other more around the table is one of the highlights of the night.
After dinner, we spend time in Bible Study. We take prayer requests and praises in order to pray together and share each other’s burdens. Our study of the scripture is based on reading that has been done during the week. For example, the students read John 3 the week before and we study the meaning of being born again on Sunday night. The goal is to help our students create healthy habits of Bible study and prayer. Sunday nights are a check in on that and spur the students on in their personal study.
You can always count on something crazy happening on Sunday nights! Whether it’s seeing who can sort their m&m’s the fastest, seeing how many students fit into a shopping cart, or seeing who can do the most upside down push-ups... you have to come see what is going on!
If you are an adult who is interested in being a sponsor on Sunday nights, please see Genna about joining us!

Youth Group is for students in 6-12th grade and meets every Sunday night from 6-8pm.
For more information, contact Genna Sarikoki at



Great Cooks Needed!

Show off your cooking skills to a group that will appreciate it! Provide dinner (for about 20 people) on Sunday nights for our growing youth program (The Hub). Contact Karen Romig for information.