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Imagine a world where missionaries never lack the resources to share the unconditional love of Christ. Agape Flights mission is to provide excellent aviation service delivering cargo, mail and humanitarian aid to missionary partners serving Christ, carrying hope to the nations of the Caribbean.

Venice Presbyterian Church's Monthly Mission Partner for May: Agape Flights provides excellent aviation service delivering cargo, mail and humanitarian aid to missionary partners serving Christ, carrying hope t the nations of the Caribbean.

VPC’s Monthly Mission Partner (MMP) Month


What does the mission do/who does it serve?

Nearly 20 million people live in the areas regularly reached by Agape’s flights to Haiti, the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas. More than 350 missionary families rely on Agape Flights to transport the mail and supplies they need while living and working on the mission field in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and the Bahamas. Agape Flights is an important state side connection for missionaries — by serving as their “home” address, by providing dependable mail service and the personalized cargo service the missionaries need.

Agape Flights also delivers humanitarian aid and religious supplies into Cuba via the Cuban Council of Churches and expedites relief supplies during disasters and emergencies.

What geographic area?

Caribbean: Haiti, the Dominican Republic, the Bahamas and Cuba

How do you do it?


Agape’s affiliated missionary partners meet the plane and serve as the distribution network on the ground to ensure provisions reach their intended destination — orphanages, medical clinics, hospitals, schools and churches. In the hands of missionaries, building supplies become homes, churches and schools. A water pump provides clean water for an entire community. Bibles and teaching materials become resources for discipleship. And medical supplies save lives.

Agape Flights receives and distributes supplies through the missionaries and their ministries: medicine, medical supplies, nutritional supplements, Bibles, school and office supplies, building materials and other needed items. Agape Flights also speeds relief supplies during disasters and emergencies.

Weekly mission flights are fueled through the generosity of our donors.

How can one help/serve this mission? How and what can people donate? How can people volunteer?

When you support Agape Flights, you’re investing in the Kingdom ministry of more than 350 missionary families.

Ways you can help…

  • PRAY daily for Agape Flights Affiliated Missionaries

  • GIVE financially to keep the planes flying

  • SERVE alongside approximately 50 weekly volunteers who provide much of the labor that makes things happen at Agape Flights. For a current list of volunteer opportunities please refer to:

Annual, Bi-Annual or regular events, trips or fundraisers for this mission

The first Saturday in March Agape Flights holds an annual open house, Pie in the Sky, for the community to come enjoy pizza and dessert pie, tour the hangar, learn more about the mission and participate in a fun pie auction.

Is this a national or local organization?

Agape Flights is a local organization with an international presence.

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Agape Flights’ Missionary Directory

Volunteer Opportunities

What Mission changes have you noticed with the help of the community? How have they made a difference?

During times of disaster in the Caribbean, the local community comes together to fill and fund relief flights. Through the energy of community volunteers and generous contributions, the Agape plane and pilots are able to deliver thousands of pounds of relief supplies including: generators, buckets, food, water filters, tarps, chain saws, flash lights, batteries, solar lights and more. 

Upon landing the plane and pilots are met at the airport by several distribution networks on the ground to ensure that these much needed supplies get into the hands of the people who desperately need them.



Dear Loved Ones,

Greeting. We all know that in many third world countries, the new and modern education system is more for men than women. Given the financial hardship of many families, priority is always given to boys to study while girls are encouraged to help the family while waiting for a man to marry.

Well, this has been true for years, but things are changing and changing rapidly. Our University Chrétienne du Nord d’Haiti (UCNH) has championed the education of girls. In our twenty years of teaching here, we have seen girls come and go. Many of them have emerged to be the most outstanding in their fields. They also have successful families. Many of them have gone beyond their Bachelor degrees to secure their Master degrees.

This year alone the University has officially enrolled 816 male students and 572 female students in its schools of Theology, Education, Business Administration, Agronomy, Fine Arts, Leadership and English.         

To see that we are part of academic success of those successful women makes us humble and we always praise God for using us as His feet and hands in Haiti.

In Haiti,

Nzunga & Kihomi




I just wanted to thank you for all that you provide for us as missionaries here. It has been such a blessing! I would not have been able to start or continue our school here without Agape. I started a Christian international school here in 2015, and we use Agape often to receive our books and materials, supplies, and more. We have grown to 47 students this year and have 9 staff members (6 of which are Haitian). We are excited for what the future holds for these little ones as we believe one of the keys to ending the cycle of poverty is through education. Thank you for helping us reach these kids and giving them a brighter future. 

Thanks again, 

Ashley Wojton, Agape Affiliated Missionary

Les Cayes, Haiti

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