Worship Ministry

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Communion Sunday - 1st Sunday of the month

There are two ways communion may be received.

Communion by Intinction

Come forward as directed by the ushers.  Gluten-free bread is available at the stations between the center and outer aisles.  If unable to come forward, please raise your hand and a server will bring communion to you.

Served In the Pews

Communion is served in the pews.  Please hold the bread until all have been served so all may partake together.  If you prefer gluten-free bread, please raise your hand and a server will bring gluten-free bread to you.

Communion service is offered Wednesday morning in the chapel at 9am

All are welcome.



Those who come need not be concerned about their personal appearance. What matters is the love, grace, and hospitality in God that the Holy Spirit creates. This meal is provided, not because we have earned the right to eat and drink with Jesus, but simply as an act of divine love.

Communion, also known as The Lord's Supper, is served on the first Sunday of every month during worship and every Wednesday at 9am in the chapel.

Our worship team

Our worship team exists to lead the church into a meaningful Christ-focused relationship with God in the presence of the Holy Spirit. Our worship ministry is composed of men and women who have a heart for Christ and gifts that make them uniquely qualified to spread the love of Jesus, whether it is through preaching, music, education, relationship-development or compassionate attention. It is our blessing to help guide people to God's presence as we glorify our union with God through song, Scripture, discipleship, contributions, and fellowship. Our worship team is committed to the pursuit of excellence for God's glory.


Interested in Serving?

Contact Jamal Sarikoki for more information and opportunities to serve.

A/V Team


Our A/V team oversees audio, visual, and recording. If you are a "techie" or interested in learning about our A/V program and have a desire to serve, contact Chris O’Brien for more information about how to join the team.