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TCM’s vision is that every nation will have effective leaders of disciple-making movements impacting their churches, cultures and countries for Christ. Through providing graduate level education Christian leaders from more than 44 nations in Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East, and beyond are being trained and equipped to be even more effective as they share the good new of Jesus. The Mentoring Center at Haus Edelweiss near Vienna, Austria is one of 22 locations where students gather to meet face-to-face with their professors. This retreat-like setting not only provides a place for classes to be completed but provides an opportunity for students to rest and be refreshed physically and spiritually. We are grateful to the many volunteers from the United States, including teams from Venice Presbyterian Church, who serve and care for the students while they are at Haus Edelweiss.

TCM  is committed to taking Christ to millions around the world by training Christians for ministry. They currently have 1,465 students and 587 graduates working in 43 countries.  TCM offers various degree programs in a flexible format so that the Christian leaders they train can remain and serve in their home countries throughout their education so that they can continue to influence their churches, cultures and countries for Christ.  Over a hundred are from Muslim-dominated nations and many of these are former Muslims themselves and at least two are former Muslim Imams. Our partnership with TCM is a clear way we are helping to fulfill the Great Commission of Christ to go into all the world and make disciples.

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What does the mission do/who does it serve?

TCM comes alongside Christians who are leading in their own countries and have a passion for reaching their people for Christ.  Through our institute we can develop a Christian leader for a fraction of the cost it would take to send a U.S. missionary to that same country.  Since these individuals already know the cultures and languages, they are able to have successful ministries and are equipped for a lifetime of service. 

What geographic area?

Once used for TCM's benevolence ministry working within the Soviet Union, Haus Edelweiss is now our main teaching facility in Vienna, Austria.

How do you do it?

We are educating Christian leaders from more than 40 countries through our accredited graduate institute.  Courses are offered in a flexible format so that students can stay fully involved in their local ministries.  80% of each class is delivered online and another 20% is finished face-to-face with in-depth discussion, mentoring, and application of the online portion.

How can one help/serve this mission? How and what can people donate? How can people volunteer?

  1. Your financial support is essential to the success of TCM's ministry.

  2. Short-Term Worker Opportunities at Haus Edelweiss

A Short-term worker’s God given gifts and talents will be utilized to serve Christian leaders who come to our main teaching campus near Vienna, Austria for ministry training.  Jobs vary from house-and-grounds projects (mowing lawns, etc.) to food preparation and serving, setting tables, dusting, sweeping, changing bed linens, doing laundry, etc.  A short-term worker MUST have a servant's heart to help the Haus Edelweiss staff give our guests the education and ministry they need. 

Each short-term work trip to Haus Edelweiss is 13 days, including travel time.  Short-term workers work 12 hours each day but with adequate breaks to rest.  There are also many stairs to climb in the course of a day's work, so the volunteers must have good physical strength and stamina.  

For more information about serving as a Short-term Worker:

Contact Robin Beaumont
(317) 299-0333

Volunteer Opportunities in the United States

Each year there are multiple opportunities for volunteers to serve with TCM in the United States.  Volunteers are utilized at our headquarters in Indianapolis as well as other locations throughout the country to assist with special projects and events.  

For more information about volunteering in the United States:

Contact Debbie Poer
(317) 299-0333


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Phone: 317-299-0333


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